Five Kindergarten Approved Apps!

The kindergarten students at CES have enjoyed having iPad time during their literacy and math stations. Below is a picture of five of our favorites, as well as brief descriptions of the apps.

  • KIDS A-Z:  this app is great because students have access to books on their reading level.  This app is also unique because teachers can assign specific books to individual kids (for example: if I have a student that likes trains, I can send that student a book about trains to read.), and you can also send a book to the entire class!
  • TEN FRAME MANIA: this app is a competitive game where students are filling ten frames to match the given number.  Each level gets harder and harder!
  • ABC NINJA (as well as sight word ninja and 1-2-3 ninja): all the ninja games are fun ways to work on individual skills.  Similar to fruit ninja, students are given a letter (or number/sight word depending on which version you are playing) that they have to find and swipe.  The goal is to get as many letters/numbers/sight words as you can before your time runs out!
  • ANIMAL MATH:  this app contains several different games to work on various math skills.  The nice thing about this app is the simplicity of the games, and the specific focus on individual skills.
  • POCKET CHART PRO: this app is great because it has SEVERAL games which cover a variety of literacy and math skills.  The games are very simple, but have a great range of skills to practice. 

The kindergarten students at CES enjoy their iPad time and look forward to experiencing more apps as we continue the second semester of school!

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