Writing Time…a chance to grow and glow!

Kindergarten has been working hard on getting better at writing.  We are currently in the middle of our Informative Writing unit. This week we are working on asking a question at the beginning of our writing.  We are learning which question word to use at the beginning of our sentence and how to make the question mark the correct way.  Finally, we are learning that if you ask a question, you have to answer that question in your writing by telling facts about that topic.  

Once we write, we get to share our writing with our classmates.   The writing is projected on the smart board for all to see.  This allows the rest of the class to give a ‘glow’ and a ‘grow’ on the writing.   Glows are things that the writer did well.  Grows are things that the writer needs to work on the next time it is writing time.  These are a favorite for the class to give to each other!

Many think that Kindergarten students wouldn’t be able to produce quality writing.  However, our classes have been working so hard on learning how to share their knowledge and stories with others.  We are very proud of our writers!

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