FTA Members Read at PTO Literacy Night

By:  Morgan Crane, Contributing Writer

On Thursday, January 24, CHS FTA members met at Chance Elementary School to participate in the PTO Literacy Night. Griffin Anderson, Josie Specker and Mara Davis, along with Danielle Bennett, their sponsor, helped younger kids read stories and make crafts throughout the evening.

The night began in the cafeteria where the PTO members provided supper for the readers.  After the meal, the guest readers then went to their assigned classrooms and prepared for the children to arrive.

In their classroom, FTA members read a story to their group and then helped them make a decorated mug of hot cocoa. After the craft,  a new group entered and the activities repeated.

At the end of the night, the children and the volunteers met in the cafeteria once again to receive a snack and a free book as a gift for participating. The FTA volunteers enjoyed the night. Member  Griffin Anderson stated that he “enjoyed the part where we read the story to the kids and helped them with the craft.”

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