Poetry in Kindergarten

In kindergarten, we use our Poetry Notebooks almost everyday! Each week, we learn a new poem and glue it into our notebooks. Early in the year, we search for letters, punctuation, and rhyming words. We also practice pointing to the words as we read them as well as sweeping correctly to the next line. As the year progresses, we will look for sight words and word chunks. Towards the end of the year, students will have the opportunity to write their own original poems per our writing curriculum.
Our Poetry Notebooks are sent home at the end of every week so kindergarteners can read their new poem at home. Students are also learning to be responsible with their notebooks by bringing them back to school at the beginning of each week. Our students always love learning the new poem and get excited to learn read poems with similar patterns to other poems, which we call “copycat poems”.

This was our second poem this year. The first was our school’s Panther Pledge we recite each morning.

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