Heimann Participates in US Naval Academy STEM Program

 By: Hannah Pendergrast, Contributing Writer

Chris Heimann, CHS junior, visited Annapolis, Maryland, this past summer for an exciting experience at the United States Naval Academy. The summer program focused on STEM academic disciplines. Heimann participated in science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses, which are referred to as ‘academic modules’ at the academy. 

Chris Heimann, left

Having a strong interest in engineering, Heimann applied for the highly selective program in January and received an email in April conveying her acceptance. Heimann said, “I was excited to attend as well as honored to be chosen. The email specified that out of 500 applicants, I was a part of the 250 that were chosen. Once I found out, I told my family and my mom immediately bought a plane ticket for my trip!”  Heimann flew to Maryland on June 17 and, while at the academy, experienced a very different daily routine. 

Heimann’s typical day at the academy included waking up every morning at 7 a.m, lining up in her company and platoon for roll call, attending classes and ending the day with a sports period. One of the evenings she enjoyed a catered dinner and attended a performance from the Navy band. 

During her classes, Heimann learned about theories and engineering techniques that she can use later in her engineering future. She also gained information about the Naval Academy. Heimann learned about the application process, Naval officer jobs, Naval Academy history and a midshipman’s daily routine.

Heimann’s favorite part of the trip was meeting new people and making new friends. She enjoyed sharing common interests with people from all around the United States, including participants from Texas, Virginia, Hawaii and Alaska. Heimann did not just bond with the other students there, but she also bonded with the officers who led the STEM program. Heimann says that the officers explained many different aspects of the Navy that she would have never known otherwise.

Heimann returned to Missouri from the Naval Academy STEM camp June 22. Her only regret is that the camp did not last longer. Heimann said, “I think the only part of the program that I disliked was how short it was. I made great friends and worked on really interesting projects, and I did not want to stop!”

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