Stone, Bennett Attend HYMAX Leadership Camp

By: Alerey Crocker, Contributing Writer

Annamarie Stone and Claire Bennett, CHS sophomores, attended the HYMAX FFA Leadership Camp this past summer.

At the leadership camp, all students attend sessions focusing on leadership development, supervised agricultural experiences and advocacy. They are also able to interact with peers in developing a presentation about a current topic facing the agriculture industry.

Bennett (left) and Stone (center) taking notes during a session at HYMAX.

The goal of HYMAX is to develop competent leaders who will return home and share their knowledge with their FFA chapters and communities. They want these students to become future leaders.

The camp is a great way for students to develop leadership skills. It is also a great place to network with peers and industry leaders. Bennett, Stone and the other attendees had a great time and were able to learn from some amazing industry experts. Mr. Stone, FFA adviser, hopes these students will share the information they gained with fellow FFA members. 

Stone talked about how this event made her a better FFA member. “It helped me connect with other FFA members, and it will allow me to bounce ideas off of them,” Stone said. She also said that the skills she gained at HYMAX will help her in her future high school career. “I learned about jobs in the ag field, and I learned how to start connecting with others,” Stone said.

Bennett feels this event will make her a better contributor to our local FFA. “At the camp, I learned to develop leadership skills and learned about possible careers in agriculture,”  Bennett said. She also said that the knowledge she gained at HYMAX will help her in her future high school career. “The HYMAX camp helped me learn to be a local leader in our FFA. These skills will help me become a leader in my community. They will also help me learn to be a better communicator,” Bennett said.

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