Greatest Show in Preschool


Come One, Come All!


October 5, 2019


Chance Elementary Preschool has been busy learning during the past month!   Every two weeks, we have a different theme focus.   Our current unit is circus/zoo.   This theme fit perfectly with the Homecoming theme of “The Greatest Show” .   In each unit, we complete lots of different literacy activities:   vocabulary development, read alouds, poems, phonemic awareness, oral language and concept of letter and words.    One of the best aspects about teaching with themes is that children learn through play.  We also extend that theme into centers.   Center time allows a child to practice skills independently.   Our centers include:  writing center, tactile center, light table, construction center, ABC center, Pretend center, Math and Science center, and art center.   During center time, the teachers work with small groups of children at the teacher table.    Our rules at centers are: 1) stay in your center 2) use an inside voice 3) solve your own problems and 4) use things correctly.   It will be a busy year in preschool as we explore more unit themes!   

Partners in Learning,

Mrs. Warbritton


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