Math 7 Chapter 5

In the regular 7th grade math classes, we are starting Chapter 5 very soon.  Chapter 5 is the longest chapter of the year and is a large part of the MAP testing content at the end of the year.  Chapter 5 deals with ratios, proportions, and similar figures.

Here is a breakdown of the content in Chapter 5:

  1. Ratios
  2. Unit Rates
  3. Complex Fractions
  4. Converting Rates
  5. Proportional vs. Nonproportional Relationships
  6. Graphing Proportional Relationships
  7. Solving Proportions
  8. Scale Drawings and Models
  9. Similar Figures
  10. Indirect Measurement

As always, Mr. Motley is available for questions in the morning, in class, on Google Classroom, and via email.  Make sure you take advantage of all of the resources available.

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