CHS Adopts Online Summer Program

By: Hannah Pendergrast, Contributing Writer

CHS dove into uncharted territory this past summer by offering online classes for the first time through APEX. The district offered a variety of courses, such as Health, Personal Finance, Language III, Psychology, Geography & World Cultures, Spanish (I, II, III), Art Appreciation and Computer Applications. Tonya Dimmitt, CHS counselor, was the leading faculty member who set up the online summer program. 

With the help of Beck Balsamo, summer school administrator, and Dr. Matt Smith, CHS principal, Dimmitt researched possible online programs prior to choosing the APEX platform. Dr. Smith said, “It was the best economical option for the district since we already utilize the platform in credit recovery.  It also offered nearly identical options/flexibility for students that many of the other top-rated programs offer.”

Dimmitt created a handbook, set up the classes and enrolled interested students. During summer school, she was assigned as the online teacher monitoring progress, communicating information to parents and students and grading assignments.The online platform was considered successful. Dimmitt said, “We had a 97% passing rate, so I would count that as a success!”

In total, Centralia had 37 students who took online courses over the summer. These classes were available to incoming freshmen through seniors.

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