CHS Students Earn All-District Honors

By: Haley Cusick, Contributing Writer 

Six CHS chamber choir students earned All-District honors on Saturday, September 14, 2019, at Moberly High School. Seth Beard, Abbie Ross, Sam Lynn and Xaden Lockett all qualified for the junior/senior district choir. Terra Veazey and Emory Biggs were chosen for the freshman/sophomore district choir. All students qualified through an audition process to earn this honor.  

The junior/senior participants audition for the state choir during the district choir rehearsals, which were held on Saturday, November 2. The district honor choir practiced all day at Moberly High School on Saturday, November 2, and they performed together that evening at the same venue.

Rolfson began working with the students on their district choir music at least once a week from mid-August to the date of the audition on September 14. During practice the students worked on timing, key signatures and sight reading. Rolfson stated, “I was incredibly proud of my kids and how they got out of their comfort zone. I thoroughly enjoyed working on the development of all of the solos this year.”

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