Winter Learning and Fun in Pre-K!

Our most recent unit in preschool was Winter/Snow.   We had a lot of learning and fun with various winter activities.   Snowball fights were our favorite!   We needed to use up a little extra energy and practice our letter recognition at the same time.   I wrote letters on a piece of paper and then the children wadded up the paper and then we had a snowball fight!   This is a great way to practice different recognition skills such as letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.   When we were finished, they had to recite the letter and the sound on the paper.   

We also added to our schema (our files in our brain that help us understand about things we read about) by having a turn wearing snowshoes and skis.   We also used stuffed animals to retell the classic story “The Mitten”.   We also had an “igloo” in our room and we even went ice fishing!   Winter activities are pretty fun in Pre-K! 

Partners in Education,

Mrs. Warbritton

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