Benefits of Reading

Would you like to read a book?   Would you like to ride a zook?  

Dr. Seuss was a smart man who, over the decades has instilled a love of reading and rhyme for millions of children.   He choose a very limited set of words to use but used different rhymes to develop different stories.   His stories also contain a “lesson”for children and adults.   “Yertle the Turtle” for example, reminds us about a once infamous leader in our world whose goal was to rule over all people and conquer as much land as possible.   In “Cat and the Hat”, the lesson appears to be 1)listen to your mother 2) clean up after yourself.   Whether you love or despise the rhymes, Dr. Seuss, is a well known author and beginning readers love the simplistic pattern of the language.   

Check out the website below for ideas that you can use to further support the LOVE of reading!

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!


Laura Warbritton

Kindergarten Reading Teacher

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