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Dear Chance Families,

Linked below is our online learning site we have created for you to utilize during the time our school is closed. I want to be very clear and direct on a few points to help put parents and staff at ease during this transition.

  • We do not have intentions for you to require your student to complete 8 hours’ worth of work each day. Distance learning is not the same as in-person learning.
  • We are providing you with learning opportunities for your child. We have online opportunities, as well as a packet of resources (if requested). We have purposely provided you with an abundance of resources and DO NOT expect your child to complete all of what has been provided. However, we would appreciate for your child to turn in to us what they have completed, along with the tracker, when they return to school.
  • We have provided you with a daily tracker for your child for you to have the option of keeping some sort of schedule. We are trying to accommodate all parenting preferences. Some parents will have their child complete the activities listed each day and some might wait till the weekend, and that’s ok. The tracker has specific dates on it, but we want you to know you have the ability to rearrange when you have your child complete something. We are going to be extremely flexible during this time.
  • Please have your child complete as much as they are able to. We understand the difficult constraints right now with parents’ schedules and we are happy to be accommodating and offer grace when needed.
  •  If something is becoming difficult for your child, feel free to contact your child’s teacher for further guidance.
  • As far as grades, we’re going to have to pause that topic until we have further guidance from the state. At this point, I do not have intentions of taking grades on what we have provided your child. Our grade card at Chance functions differently than the other buildings since we are not letter grades.

When we return to school, teachers will reassess to determine where students are at academically. During this time off, our main goal is to provide learning opportunities to keep students on track as possible with distance learning.

To reiterate, as educators we want to put forward a good faith effort into providing you resources for your child. We are not looking or asking for perfection during this time. I believe as long as all of us involved are putting forth that good faith effort, then we are doing the best we can in this uncertain time.

Thank you!

Mrs. Shuman

CES Principal

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