CHS Class Prepares Students for Adult Responsibilities

By:  Michael Lee, Contributing Writer

At the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, Mrs. Jill Angell started teaching a life skills class called Real World Seminar where students learn such skills as budgeting, sewing, job interviewing and cooking.

Angell’s main purpose of the class is to help students survive in the real world when they are faced with everyday tasks. She said, “The purpose of the class is to prepare students to live as adults. The class came about because the Senior Service class had run its course, and I was interested in trying something new. I would like to think that they will remember some of these life lessons. Some of these lessons are a wake-up call for things that they are going to have to do as adults.” During this class, she often brings in people from the community to talk about certain subjects, such as taxes/banking, tying a tie and conflict/resolution.

Andrew Kribbs and Alyson Rackley are two seniors who chose to take this class this semester. When we asked Rackley about what she thought of the class, she said, “I chose to take Real World Seminar so I could gain skills that would be useful for later in life. I like the class a lot!” She also says that, thanks to that class she feels that she is more prepared to become an adult. 

When we asked Kribbs the same question about what he thinks about the class, he said, “I took it [the class] because you need life skills. I love the class. Personally, [I think] it’s a great class and should be mandatory for everyone.”

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