Hakes, ready to see students ‘click’ with math

 By: Griffin Anderson, Contributing Writer

The Centralia R-VI School District has many new faculty and staff members this school year. One of them is Mr. Daniel Hakes.

Hakes, who is originally from Nebraska, attended high school around Denver, Colorado. He returned to Nebraska to attend Concordia University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education with endorsements in mathematics and history. Hakes and his wife Amanda currently live in Columbia, where she is attending a physician assistant program. 

This will be Mr. Hakes’ second year of teaching, but his first year in Centralia. He teaches Algebra I and coaches cross country at Chester Boren Middle School, and he teaches Pre-Algebra and Algebra I at Centralia High School. In addition, he teaches virtual classes one block of the school day through Launch and APEX. 

When asked why he chose to become a teacher, Hakes said, “I had a couple really influential teachers between middle and high school that I really respected and wanted to make a difference like they had done for me.”

Hakes has a strong reason for choosing to teach in Centralia rather than a larger school district.

“I chose Centralia because it was more of a rural community than Columbia. I like close-knit communities because they are unique in the fact that they really value education and rally around their schools,” said Mr. Hakes. 

With mathematics being a subject that many students struggle with, Hakes is ready to help them.

“I like teaching math because of the application you can find with the real world. My favorite thing as a math teacher is to see a student have a concept click and then tell me about how they used a concept we learned in class when they got home,” said Mr. Hakes. 

In his free time, Hakes enjoys exploring and traveling with his family. 

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