Red Ribbon Week October 26 – 30

In celebration of Red Ribbon Week, CBMS students will have pledge cards entered into a daily drawing during lunch periods.  Additionally, CBMS students are encouraged to participate in our dress-up days during the week.  

Here are the dress-up days for CBMS during Red Ribbon Week:

  • MONDAY – “Wake Up Drug Free” (Wear pajama pants)
  • TUESDAY – “Lei Off of Drugs” (Wear Hawaiian clothes)
  • WEDNESDAY – “I’m Too Bright for Drugs” (Wear neon & bright colors)
  • THURSDAY – “Team Up Against Drugs” (Wear jerseys & athletic wear)
  • FRIDAY – “Say BOO to Drugs” (Wear your Halloween costume) 

*As always, make sure your dress-up clothing conforms to the school dress code.

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