November SAE Spotlight

By: Ella Smith, Contributing Writer

The FFA advisors chose Lance Hudson and Seth Beard, CHS seniors, as the October SAE spotlight. 

Hudson and Beard run a small lawn care business for their SAE, which allows them to help the community by trimming trees, mowing, landscaping, removing junk, pulling weeds/old shrubs and hauling off brush.

Hudson said, “We chose this SAE for a small job over the summer since there was not much else to do due to Covid. It was a way for us to help the community and make a little money.”

Hudson and Beard have learned several new skills as they have been working on their SAE. 

They have learned how to create job estimates and how to complete a full landscaping project. 

Hudson said he has also learned how to manage his time between multiple jobs. Beard added that he has learned how to take care of a variety of plants and has gained a knowledge of how different plants grow and thrive. Both Hudson and Beard mentioned that they have learned time management skills.

In addition to his landscaping business, Hudson shows cattle and is a member of the NHS. His father is Andy Hudson. He plans to attend State Technical College and to raise and sell show cattle. 

Beard is also involved in NHS, SKRUBS, Beta Chi Pi, FCA, track, orchestra and cross country. His parents are Alan and Catena Beard. He is enrolling in CMU’s doctor of osteopathy program and is going to run track for them as well. 

Beard and Hudson both enjoy working with each other. Hudson said, “My favorite part about the SAE is I get to work with one of my best friends.” 

The objective of a Supervised Agricultural Experience is to work with educational programs to better prepare FFA students for their future careers. The simple skills such as communication and patience will help them succeed in life. Scott Stone, FFA advisor, says he has his students do an SAE for the learning experience. He says they can explore any career interest they may have and even find a field they might not want to follow. Stone said, “I hope they all have the chance to earn a profit, but I hope they can learn what areas they are interested in as a potential career.”

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