Caballero Recognized as Student of the Month for January

By: Suzee Crabtree, Contributing Writer

On January 14, 2021, Dr. Matt Smith presented the January Student of the Month award to CHS junior Jay Caballero. Caballero felt honored and humbled to receive this award.

Caballero is the son of Melinda Fierge and Ramon Caballero and is proudly involved in CHS basketball and baseball. He enrolled in CHS last year, quickly becoming a positive addition to the student body. 

He has decided that his favorite classes are Creative Writing and Intro to Digital Media, where he can express his true self. Caballero feels “more alive and vibrant” when he gets to bring out his creativity in those courses.

Overall, Caballero enjoys Centralia, and he feels like he is surrounded by good people at CHS, which gives him the ability to be himself.

Jay Caballero and Mrs. Danielle Bennett

Mrs. Danielle Bennett, CHS librarian, nominated Caballero for this honor. Bennett said that Caballero is always friendly and considerate.

“Jay really helped me out one evening as I was setting up for a concession stand after school. He helped me carry tables and set up the food for that night without being asked. Jay also came to my aid earlier this year in the library one day as I was organizing some chairs. He recognized that I needed help and was very willing to step in. Jay has done both of those things for me without expecting anything in return,” said Bennett.

Caballero is passionate about his goals and hopes to attend college and major in graphic design and visual arts. He also hopes to study music.

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