SAE FOCUS:  Bethany Rhoades 

By: Gracie Stains, Contributing Writer

What is your SAE project? Please explain the responsibilities you have for your project?

My SAE is sheep production. My dad and brothers help me feed grain and hay to the sheep. We have to make sure the animals have water and fresh bedding. I have to arrange pens based on the season. We have to provide medicine if any of the animals get sick, and we have to tag and band all baby lambs.

What valuable life lessons and skills have you learned from your SAE? I have learned that hard work always pays off somehow.  I have also learned many veterinary medicine skills. 

Do you plan on involving your SAE experience in your future at all? Yes, I want to have my own sheep farm, and I want my career to involve working with animals.

Are you involved in any clubs, sports, or other extracurricular activities at CHS?  I am a member of FFA, SKRUBS, Student Council, Centralia Matrix volleyball and CHS volleyball.  I attend the First Baptist Church and am a member of their youth group. 

What grade are you in? Who are your parents/guardians?  I am in 10th grade, and my parents are Dan and Nicole Rhoades.  

What motivated you to begin this particular SAE project?  My grandpa grew up around sheep and was really big in the sheep industry. My dad has been involved in sheep all his life, and I have also been around sheep my whole life, so I felt this SAE project would be the best for me.  

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