SAE Spotlight: Kyden Wilkerson

By:  Gracie Stains, Contributing Writer 

What is your SAE project? Explain the responsibilities you have for your project?
My SAE is sheep production. For my SAE, I have responsibilities such as feeding and watering my sheep. I also have to make sure they always have hay and straw for their bedding.

What valuable life lessons and skills have you learned from your SAE?
The valuable life lessons I have learned from my SAE include getting things done on time and keeping my animals alive.

Do you plan on involving your SAE experience in your future at all? If so, how?
I plan on always raising sheep as a side activity.

Are you involved in any clubs or sports at CHS?
I am involved in FFA and sports, which include football, wrestling and track.

What grade are you in? Who are your parents/guardians?
I am a sophomore, and my parents are Amanda Wilkerson and Lou Suddarth.

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