Physical Science Students Experience STEM Workshop

By:  Miranda Gregis, Contributing Writer

Mr. Justin Hagedorn’s 9th-grade physical science students recently had the opportunity to experience hands-on electricity-based STEM activities as part of their learning experience. Mrs. Danielle Bennett, CHS media specialist, set up the projects in the library.  

Before participating in the hands-on activities, the students had a lesson on the basic terminology and principles of electricity. Hagedorn hopes the students will gain a better understanding of electric concepts by participating in these exercises.

CHS Physical Science students, Kendra Lawson and Lilli Bryson work with Little Bits.


“The students transition from one activity to another throughout the class. They investigate different topics and skills needed for the electrical unit,” Hagedorn said. “My favorite part of this activity is watching the students as they work through the stations learning and increasing their understanding of electricity.”

These activities included Circuit Maze, Snap Circuits, Makey Makey and Little Bits.  Students were also challenged to create parallel circuits using copper tape and LED lights and participate in a static electricity lab.

“It was a nice learning experience and I hope students after me get to do it too,” CHS student Faith Mills said.



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