Tanner Dutton: April SAE Spotlight

By: Miranda Gregis, Contributing Writer

The Centralia High School FFA advisors nominated Tanner Dutton, CHS sophomore, for the April SAE spotlight.

Dutton’s SAE is beef entrepreneurship. He owns two heifers and is responsible for taking care of them for his agricultural experience. This includes giving the heifers food, water and shots.

Dutton’s favorite part of his SAE is “seeing a baby cow that’s not even 100 lbs. grow ten times its weight into a 1,000 lbs. animal.” 

His parents, Jessica and Rusty Dutton, bought several cattle and Dutton decided that an  SAE involving cattle would be good for him and for his future endeavors. Eventually, Dutton wants to sell his calves.

When Dutton is not taking care of his heifers, he is involved in many school activities. He participates in football, baseball, basketball and FFA. 

Over the course of Dutton’s SAE, he has learned many new skills. Communicating with his coworkers has been one of them.  

“If you need help with a cow, you must ask for help, or it can get dangerous quickly,” Dutton said. 

Dutton’s parents have helped guide him through his SAE experience. He said his mother has helped him take care of the heifers so they grow to their full potential, and his father has helped him keep his records straight. 

“Keeping track of my records was the hardest part, mainly because many things were more than I could afford,” he said. 

In the future, Dutton plans to be a welder, but if that does not work out, he wants to be an agricultural engineer.  

The goal of a Supervised Agricultural Experience is to prepare FFA students for any careers that interest them. They tend to learn many important skills that will carry over into their lives. Scott Stone, FFA advisor and CHS Ag teacher, says he has his students do an SAE for the learning experience. Stone said, “I hope they all have the chance to earn a profit, but I hope they can learn what areas they are interested in as a potential career.”

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