March SAE Spotlight: Seth Hasekamp

             By: Suzee Crabtree, Contributing Writer

FFA advisors selected Seth Hasekamp, CHS sophomore, as the March SAE spotlight. His SAE is beef placement. His parents, David and Kathy Hasekamp, own a cattle farm, where Hasekamp works by helping with the harvest and baling hay.

Hasekamp said his sister Jenna and his father have helped him the most throughout his SAE experience.

“I watched and helped my brothers do it [this type of SAE] in high school and wanted to do it as well,” Hasekamp said.

Being involved in school is important to Hasekamp. He is a part of both the CHS football team and the wrestling team. He is also an active member of the Centralia FFA. His future plans involve returning to the farm and furthering his baling company. Hasekamp also wants to extend the business by baling hay for people outside the farm.

Hauling hay is Hasekamp’s favorite part about his SAE. The most challenging part is working long nights with cattle. One of the benefits of this SAE is that Hasekamp has learned to work well with others in order to get a job done.

The goal of a Supervised Agricultural Experience is to prepare FFA students for any careers they have an interest in. They tend to learn many important skills that will carry over into their lives. Scott Stone, FFA advisor and CHS Ag teacher, says he has his students do an SAE for the learning experience. Stone said, “I hope they all have the chance to earn a profit, but I hope they can learn what areas they are interested in as a potential career.”

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