Stone, Lafferty Selected Area IV FFA Officers

By: Griffin Anderson, Contributing Writer

Annamarie Stone and Lauren Lafferty, CHS FFA members, have been chosen to serve as officers for the Area IV FFA region. Stone will serve as president, and Lafferty will serve as treasurer for the 22 schools in the region.

Stone said this has been a goal years in the making.

Lauren Lafferty (left) and Annamarie Stone (right) were elected to be Area FFA officers for the 2021-2022 school year.

“I have had this goal for a long time, quite frankly before I even got into high school. I have always idolized the officers who were a part of the area officer team and wanted to be an officer myself,” she said.

Stone said her parents have been her biggest supporters during her years in FFA.

“With my dad being my FFA adviser and my mom being my taxi, they have definitely been my biggest supporters throughout my time in my blue jacket,” said Stone. 

Stone is still in the process of determining her final list of duties, but she knows she will have to attend 15 events throughout the area during her year in office.

When Stone learned she was voted in as president, she was speechless.

“I was shocked, joyful and giddy,” said Stone.

Her future plans include running for a state officer position and eventually becoming an agriculture teacher and FFA adviser.

Like Stone, Lafferty had wanted to become an area officer for several years.

“I have had this goal since 7th grade when I decided that I wanted to be a national officer. This is one of the steps on that path,” she said. 

Lafferty started the process of being an area officer by telling Mr. Scott Stone, her FFA adviser, that she wanted to run for the position, which led to a process of testing and interviews. 

After the lengthy application process, the area officer candidates are told whether or not they have been selected as an officer. However, they are not told their exact position until the annual Area IV FFA banquet.

Lafferty elaborated on the emotions she felt when she learned she had been chosen as an officer.

“I was relieved and overjoyed. I felt relieved that I did not have to be so nervous anymore,” said Lafferty. 

Mr. Stone is excited to have two CHS students represent Centralia as area officers.

“It is a great honor for two of our members to be selected to serve as area officers,” said Mr. Stone. “Annamarie and Lauren both have served as officers in 4-H and FFA. They have worked to develop their leadership skills. I am excited to watch them put their leadership skills to work for the good of the members in our area,” he said.

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