Drama Club presents Perfect Score & Bad Auditions by Bad Actors

By: Suzee Crabtree, Contributing Writer

CHS Drama Club performed Perfect Score and Bad Auditions by Bad Actors over the weekend of May 7, 2021.  

Perfect Score is a dramedy about a group of high school friends nearing the end of their senior year and stressing about college while struggling with their lives outside school. 

Ms. Kortney Sebben, CHS language arts teacher, directed Perfect Score. Sebben enjoyed the play’s combination of genres. “This play felt like a take on The Breakfast Club. It had a good mixture of characters to portray, some comedy mixed in with serious moments, and I felt like it was relatable. We also have never done a modern performance before,” she said. 

The second play, Bad Auditions by Bad Actors is about a casting director who has to suffer through a series of bizarre and horrible auditions for a play. Emma Magnusson, CHS senior, directed this play, as a first-time director. Her previous drama experience includes being involved in the theater at her previous school and serving the role of stage manager for Drama class. Magnusson enjoyed watching her visions and the crew’s hard work “come alive” to create a wonderful production.

Cast members noted that they were able to relate to their characters. They enjoyed playing such outlandish roles and hearing numerous laughs from the audience.

“I like performing for a different audience each night. Different crowds will laugh at moments you never thought were funny while rehearsing and some may never utter a single chuckle. Analyzing people is something I’ve always done in a different way than my peers, and I think it’s cool to see how other people react to the same thing,” said Terra Veazey, cast member.

Many students enjoy the unique opportunity that drama provides compared to other school activities. Joella Melegrito, cast member, said, “I really enjoy all the people I get to meet and getting to goof around with my friends. In school and even many extracurricular activities, you have to be serious or competitive. In drama, you can just have fun and really let all kinds of emotions out when you’re acting.”

Dr. Andrew Darr, assistant drama sponsor, felt that the plays were successful and the casts performed well. “This was one of the smoothest productions I have helped produce here, which is nuts considering the sheer size of the cast. The cast was superb and all attentive to their parts and the pretty rigorous schedule of a performance week. I couldn’t have been happier with the end result,” he said.

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