Bachelet’s Adjustment From France to Missouri

By: Caitlin Ward and Anna Million, Co-Contributing Writers

Centralia High School has welcomed a foreign exchange student from France, Adèle Bachelet. Cindy and Brad Toedebusch, along with their daughter, Nealia, are currently hosting Bachelet.

Adele, left, stands next to her host, Nelia.

Bachelet is originally from the small town, Dourlers, France. She lives with her parents, Eric and Delphine Bachelet, one sister Louise and one brother Gaspard. She has four pets, a dog named Oksa, a cat named Mia and two rabbits. She also takes care of her friend’s horses. 

Nelia Toedebusch is a senior at Centralia High School. She is involved in volleyball, band and enjoys spending free time with her horses. Her family decided to house a foreign exchange student to learn about their culture. 

Toedebusch said, “I thought Adele would be a good fit because we both like volleyball, horses, and cooking. Having similar interests made it feel like she would be a good match for our family”                                                  

To host a foreign exchange student, you first need to apply through Ayusa. After your application is approved, they will conduct an interview and approve your house. You are then able to look through different exchange students profiles and select the student that best suits your family. 

Bachelet has had difficulties with adjusting to being in a different country and being around so many people who speak a completely different language. Although it has been different, she does enjoy most parts of being in Missouri, “I like everything because it is completely different from France, so everything is new,” she says.

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