Greathouse Brings a Fresh Approach to Chance Elementary

By: Miranda Gregis, Contributing Writer

Chance Elementary School (CES) has a new kindergarten teacher, Miss Katelyn Greathouse. 

This is Greathouse’s first year teaching. She previously graduated from Central Methodist University. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Early Childhood Education. 

During college, Greathouse never thought she would be a kindergarten teacher. She said that she always wanted to teach older grades that go more into depth with the curriculum. After completing her student teaching in a kindergarten and 1st grade classroom, she fell in love with teaching kindergarten. 

“The students are just opening the door to their school careers and I want to do all I can to make them love school like I did when I was their age,” Greathouse said.

Greathouse went to Rock Bridge High School in Columbia, Missouri, for the first two years of her high school career. She later transferred to Hallsville High School and graduated from there. Going from a large school to a small school really impacted Greathouse. This is what inspired her to teach at Centralia. 

“At Rock Bridge I didn’t know half of the people in the building and when I got to Hallsville, every teacher was welcoming and very kind. Everyone knew each other and it made the school feel a lot more comfortable. This made me want to teach in a school that had that same small town feel to it.” Greathouse said.

Greathouse feels a lot of support from the CES staff. She said they have been very welcoming and answer any questions she has as a first year teacher. She also mentioned that her class has been great and made the start of the year amazing. 

“I look forward to watching my students grow as they continue to learn. I am excited to see how much their name writing, alphabet recognition, and so much more improve throughout the school year.” Greathouse said. 

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