Chance Elementary Welcomes New Second Grade Teacher

By: Bannon Moran, Contributing Writer 

The Centralia School District has received many new teachers this year, one being Mrs. Jenny Espenschied.

Espenchied has been a part of the community her entire life. “I grew up attending school here and my children have always attended here as well. This is the district that inspired me to become a teacher and when the opportunity presented itself to possibly teach here I knew I had to go for it!” said Espenschied. 

 She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education through Central Methodist University, and she recently earned a Master’s degree in Reading Instruction via Grand Canyon University. 

When asking Espenschied what she liked most about teaching second graders, she said, “2nd graders are the oldest kiddos at CES. They are the leaders of the building, setting good examples for the younger kids. I’m excited to see them fill this role as they sharpen their skills with the 2nd grade curriculum. 2nd graders are becoming more independent and start to deepen their thinking, making it possible for us to explore lots of new things in a variety of ways!”

She is also looking forward to being a role model for them to look up to and learning more from them, while still learning all of the ropes of the CES. 

When Espenchied is not at work, she spends time with family. Her husband Logan works for the district in the maintenance department and they have two kids: Koda, CHS freshman, and Bailey, CIS 5th grader.

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