Whisler ‘Loves Helping the Students’ at CIS

By: Caitlin Ward, Contributing Writer

Jamie Whisler is one of the many new faces at Centralia Intermediate School (CIS). She is one of the four new 4th grade teachers at CIS.

Whisler graduated from Western Governors University with a degree in Elementary Education. She also went to a community college for business management. 

When asked about why she wanted to become a teacher, she said “she loves helping the students become successful and wanted to develop them to their fullest potential.”

Whisler elaborated on specific reasons as to why she began a career in education.

“Growing up, my dad was in the military.  I went to twelve schools in twelve years and was always the new girl. I always felt alone, and educationally I was always bored because I had already learned it or lost because the last school taught something else.  A teacher in 6th grade finally took the time to find out what I needed and made me feel welcome.  I knew I wanted to be able to do that for other people,” Whisler said. 

She loves spending time with her family. Whisler has three kids, her son, age 19, is in the Navy and her two daughters are in 6th and 9th grade. The rest of her family is scattered across the country in the military and she visits them every time she gets the chance.  

Whisler also enjoys going camping as often as she can, baking, doing crafts, restoring and refinishing furniture, playing the flute and reading. She added that even though her last name is Whisler, she cannot whistle.  

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