Senior Spotlight: John Caballero

By: Miranda Gregis, Contributing Writer

John Caballero, son of Ramon Jaime Caballero and Melinda Fierge, is a Centralia High School (CHS) senior. Caballero moved to the Centralia School District in 2019 as a sophomore.

Caballero is involved in FBLA, football, basketball, baseball and participates in band at CHS. Outside of school, Caballero loves to make music. “I love diversity and make many different types of rap music. I make music similar to J Cole and $uicideboy$,” Caballero said. 

Caballero publishes his music on Soundcloud, YouTube and Audiomack. His stage name is “Tneli$”, which means silent backward. Caballero explained that he chose this name because he likes to break the silence of those who cannot speak for themselves. 

Caballero started writing music when he was twelve years old. He made his first song at the age of fourteen with his friend Kam FKG.

Caballero said he likes writing songs that have a deep meaning and that people can connect to. He usually finds inspiration in current issues and his life experiences. 

There are many steps to making a song. Caballero has to first develop a beat, verses and a catchy hook (chorus).  He then combines the previous components together to create the song.  Finally, he is ready to advertise the song and eventually releases it to the public. Caballero said, “Making hooks is the hardest thing when making music. It’s hard to make something memorable and catchy, especially for a more sad or mellow song.” 

Other than writing his own music, Caballero loves to listen to music as well. “I prefer rock music over all other genres. It helped me develop different tastes in the various styles of rap music,” Caballero said. 

After graduation, Caballero plans to attend State Technical College of Missouri and complete the Electric Power Generation Technology program. In the future, Caballero hopes to become a successful music artist.

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