Senior Spotlight: Sydney Young

By: Caitlin Ward, Contributing Writer

Sydney Young is a senior at Centralia High School (CHS) and the daughter of Amy Ivy and Jamaal Young.

Young is second in command for the editor in chief position in the publications class at CHS. She obtained the position when Mrs. Jennifer Ludwig, the publications teacher, chose her due to her writing abilities, willingness to take on extra responsibilities, leadership skills at keeping everyone on track and making sure the yearbook gets finished on time. 

At first, Young was hesitant about getting this role, but she soon felt comfortable in her position. 

“I definitely didn’t want to be first in command because I didn’t want that bossy role where everyone has to listen to me.  I guess I was worried about others feeling upset I was in that role,” said Young. 

Young likes to write in her free time and says that publications has helped her open up in her writing.  Writing has helped her get “unstuck” from the writer’s-block stage.  Young enjoys writing short stories about her own life experiences. 

Being a senior, Young likes that she is able to create a more flexible class schedule. She also adds that her schedule is focused on the classes she enjoys which is a great way to end her senior year.

Young’s future plans consist of going to State Technical College and enrolling in the dental assistant program.  


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