Senior Spotlight: William Fox

By: Suzee Crabtree, Contributing Writer

Centralia High School (CHS) senior, William Fox, is the son of Emma Dickinson and Robert Fox. He is heavily involved in filmmaking. He works on short films, interviews and more media practices due to his interest in cinematography.

Fox participates in track and films for Broadcast Media and Multimedia at CHS. His favorite parts of high school are working alongside Mr. Reynolds, having class with his friends and weightlifting. Apart from school, Fox enjoys working on his jeep.

Fox is taking two media classes, Broadcast Media and Multimedia. These classes involve using cameras, lights, editing programs and other equipment to create productions and/or films. Fox has learned a lot about filmmaking, which applies to the career he wants to pursue. “Multimedia allows me to practice cinematography, which is what I want to do in the future,” Fox said.

In Broadcast Media, students create interviews and then edit them into production videos. “I make Man on the Street, which is a segment where I interview random people on the street. I like the answers people give me, some of them have good stories to tell,” Fox said.

He chose this class because he loves filmmaking. “I like to express my creativity through the outlet of filmmaking,” Fox said. 

After graduating high school, Fox plans to attend the University of Missouri and study film, along with joining the Army. Eventually, he wants to be a cinematographer.


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