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Real World learns car care

The Real World Seminar classes learned about Car Care, jump starts, changing oil, changing tires, and checking tire pressure.  Thank you Jimmy Gesling for taking the time to help us out.

Real World Seminar

The Real World Seminar classes participated in Conflict Resolution Skills on Thursday.  Thanks so much to all our special guests for coming in and helping out with this activity: Judy Musgraves, Steve Gordon, Lora Buckert, Karen Hagedorn, Sandra Dorr, Jayci Gesling, Jonathon Randolph, Jamileh Cox, Audrey Smith, Elizabeth Gillman, Josh Lancaster, and Judy Musgraves.

Real World Seminar

On Tuesday, in Real World Seminar, we learned about car care.  Thanks Jim Gesling for showing us how to jump start a vehicle, change a tire, check tire pressure and change the oil.