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Benefits of Reading

Would you like to read a book?   Would you like to ride a zook?   Dr. Seuss was a smart man who, over the decades has instilled a love of reading and rhyme for millions of children.   He choose a very limited set of words to use but used different rhymes to develop different stories.   His […]

Winter Learning and Fun in Pre-K!

Our most recent unit in preschool was Winter/Snow.   We had a lot of learning and fun with various winter activities.   Snowball fights were our favorite!   We needed to use up a little extra energy and practice our letter recognition at the same time.   I wrote letters on a piece of paper and then the children […]

We Are Happy Campers!

Preschool recently participated in the first annual “Camp Chance” and we loved it!   We painted campfires with marshmallows, built different shapes with toothpicks and marshmallows, and pretended to camp out.   We sang lots of campfire songs and we really enjoyed a special smore’ snack.   We also played a little flashlight I Spy.   Everyone enjoyed the […]

Preschool to local Pizza Hut

CES Preschool recently enjoyed a trip to the local Pizza Hut in Centralia.   This field trip was an ending activity for our recent unit, Grocery Store/Shopping.  Each child was able to make his/her own pan pizza with their favorite toppings.   We watched the pizzas go into the oven and we really enjoyed tasting our pizzas […]

Preschool Enjoys Halloween Party

Afternoon preschool enjoyed many different games during our recent Halloween Party.   Each of our 4 games also had a learning component….PLAY!    In the spider races, children used a straw and “blew” a spider down the track.   Using straws is a great way to develop those muscles used in speaking.   In musical chairs, children practiced […]

The Great Pumpkin!

Preschoolers have been busy this week exploring materials in our new units:   Pumpkins and Nature Walks.  Young children learn best through play and each center in our room is designed for exploration about a topic by playing.   Students have enjoyed making a jack o’ lanterns by hammering golf tees and plastic facial features into a […]

Greatest Show in Preschool

  Come One, Come All!   October 5, 2019   Chance Elementary Preschool has been busy learning during the past month!   Every two weeks, we have a different theme focus.   Our current unit is circus/zoo.   This theme fit perfectly with the Homecoming theme of “The Greatest Show” .   In each unit, we complete lots of […]

Springtime in Preschool

Springtime is Here!   Preschool has been very busy learning about plants, gardening, and farms.   One of our favorite activities is the dramatic play area…a farmer’s market.    We are learning too that bees are so important to us and growing plants and flowers.   Moving nectar from one flower to the other is a favorite activity.  […]

Where Panthers Begin-Warbritton Preschool

Parent Newsletter –November 8, 2018 With Parent/Teacher Conferences and the Halloween Party it seems like it has been a long time since I have written a newsletter!   I am anxious to share with you the exciting things happening in our room lately.  Centers are an important part of our learning.   We practice many literacy and […]