Late Start Monday Information

FAQ: Late-Start Monday

2022 - 2023 Start/Stop Times


Why has this new schedule been proposed? 

The proposed schedule will provide a consistent structure for teachers to participate in professional development.  Consistent professional development for teachers improves their practice and student outcomes and is most effective when embedded within the school year so it can be applied immediately. 


Will there still be whole-day Teacher In-Service during the school year?

Yes.  Whole-day in-service is still needed for extended learning opportunities for teachers.  They provide opportunities to bring in outside consultants/trainers, as well as, chances for teachers to meet across buildings to improve learning from one grade level to the next.


Why not continue doing what has always been done?

The learning needs of today’s student are constantly changing.  Teachers can no longer assign chapter readings/homework over a four-week period followed by a unit test to see if a student learned the material.  Teachers need to be quick to identify the answer to four questions:

1)    What do my students need to know?

2)    How will I know if they know it?

3)    What will I do if they do NOT know it?

4)    What will I do next if they DO know it?


Have other schools implemented this type of plan? 

Yes, many Missouri schools have regular late start or early release days, though the frequency and timing vary from district to district. 


Why not an early release day instead of a late-start day? 

The District analyzed several options, including the possibility of having an early release day instead of a late-start day. We believe the late-start Monday provides the optimal learning environment for teachers and avoids complicated transitions into after-school activities.


The plan provides additional Professional Development time for teachers. How will that time be used?

Monday professional development time will focus solely on the learning needs of students.  This will be protected time to analyze student deficiencies in learning and gaps in student skill development.  As part of a weekly review, teachers can target instruction directly to the needs of students, provide greater feedback and, ultimately, increase students’ achievement.


How will students schedules change with a late-start Monday? 

Monday schedules will remain the same.  Periods, blocks and/or routines will be shortened slightly and meet as usual.


Does a late-start Monday change dismissal time?

No, dismissal time will remain the same.  Only the routines within the school day change in this schedule. 



If there is no school on Monday, what happens?

Nothing.  No matter the reason, if there is no school on a Monday there will be no late-start.  The late-start will not shift to another day – it is either on Monday or it does not happen that particular week.  Tuesday through Friday will always be normal days unless otherwise indicated. 



When can students enter the building?

Doors will unlock an hour later than normal on Monday.  Breakfast, routines and bells will all be set back one hour as well.  All staff will be participating in their department meeting during this time and student supervision will not be available.