Routes & Shuttles

The Centralia R-VI School District provides busing services to students who live outside the city limits. Once the routes are set, the bus driver will get in contact with the parents to give them times when they will be picked up and dropped off.

The Centralia R-VI School District also provides shuttle services to students who may live on the other side of town from their school building. The shuttle pick-up locations are located at each school building.

The shuttles will pick students up at each school in the morning and drop students off in the evening. If a student would like to ride a bus to another school, they need to be at the school to catch the shuttle at 7:40 a.m, or 8:40 am on Mondays.

Shuttle Bus Information

Chance Elementary School (CES):

         AM Shuttle Bus #2 to CBMS, Bus #8 to CIS, Bus #10 to CHS

Centralia Intermediate School (CIS):

         AM Shuttle Bus #2 to CES, CBMS, CHS

         PM Shuttle Bus #1 to CBMS, Bus #4 to CES, Bus #19 to CHS

Chester Boren Middle School (CBMS): 

         AM Shuttle Bus #7 to CHS, Bus #8 to CES & CIS

Centralia High School (CHS):

         AM Shuttle Bus #8 to CBMS, CES, & CIS

Bus #16 Panther Cub Club & Parkview

Bus #17 Student Services Bus

Still, have questions? You can contact the following individual for more information:

Nicole Rigsby – Board Office Secretary
[email protected]